Review: Pawn

Pawn (Nightmares Trilogy #1) - Sophie Davis

I received this book to give an honest review.


I have to say I really enjoyed this book. I am not sure where they got the idea for it but to me it was pretty darn awesome.

We are introduced to Endora, just by the name you know it is going to be some kind of fantasy. Endora is just a normal girl minus dying when she was super young and having this thing where she just drains batteries. Though she never thought neither one of them were related and she sure didn't know that she was given a second chance at life because of the three judges. When she meets Kannon she isn't sure of him at first especially when they touch each other and they both get shocked. Though she knows that she is starting to like him but he is such a mystery. So many questions she has for Kannon because he knows more about her than she knows about herself. As things go on such as school and parties Endora starts getting visions and dreams when they start becoming real Endora starts wanting answers to what is happening to her. It seems that her father might have been on a mission that involves Endora's life but what does Kannon have to do with it all? It seems that he has a mission himself as he is just like Endora but will he do what is asked or will he back out of his contract? 

You know I was kind of worried about Endora's mother as she seemed to be way to overprotected, but as we got closer to the end it all became clear on why she was the way she was. 

Mystery and mythology coming together makes for a darn good story line. 

Where this book left off makes me want to read book two asap. I want to know will Endora find what her father was looking for? Will those that are like Endora and Kannon finally find them? Will Endora's soul be bound for the unthinkable or will she get a chance to prove how good she is? There is just much I want to know. This is another great trilogy by these co-authors that will leave you wanting more, it is a great read for teens and young adults.