Review: Taste of Darkness

Taste of Darkness - Catherine Vale Whitwell
I received this book to give an honest review.
This was a pretty good vampire story. Though I wasn't quite sure of the time period it was set in as the setting didn't seem to be in the now and here. Just by the descriptions of huts and water wells. Though for me that did not deter me from the story. 
We are introduced to Natalya who is a vampire her life is a simple one until one day she is enthralled with a human. There is just something about him. Well this causes an issue because then this human finds himself within the arms of Natalya but not in a way she would have liked. There is a romance that comes between the two and so much more. When this man Caine was turned he was made into something different and he will be hunted down. 
Who will win in this battle and can Caine and Natalya be together?
To me this story was not only vampire story but more like a romance story with a little bit of action. 
Overall a good story, good characters and a good plot.