NetGalley Review: Scare Me

Scare Me - Richard Jay Parker

I received this ARC Copy from NetGalley to give an honest review.
I was actually very impressed with this book, it had murder, mystery and a good story line.
But there was a last an issue or two that I had a problem with.
Will Frost is a normal business man and before his daughter comes to visit him and his wife he gets a call asking him if he has googled himself. At that moment everything is a fight to save someone close to him he has to travel around to different places for a certain reason. While doing all this he has no clue as to why this is happening to him or his wife. Though everything becomes clear at the end it is like wow!
The first murder the killer does in this book freaked me out a bit, as it had me looking over my shoulder in a way lol. After that each murder was just like oh wow this killer has an imagination.
Over all the mystery, the murders, the way Will and his wife handle things was all really great! The conditions that the kidnapped victim had to go through was just so surreal! I honestly could see something like that really happening.
Now on to what I had issues with.
1. There is a little boy named Tam I believe he is six years old in the book ( I would have to go back and actually find out) but he is smoking a cigarette. Now I had to go back to re-read this twice because when it says he is smoking and he throws it down it does not give you an age. But then it says he heard a scream, and he doesn't tell his father! Because who would believe a six-year-old? Now I have say I was very thrown off by this because what six year old is smoking a cigarette. I have a six year old and I honestly could not see him smoking.

2. Now who was this Skinny Man? It seemed as though as soon as Will found his daughter you didn't get anymore information on who actually kidnapped her besides the killer. And what about Luke? There seemed be no more information on him. At the very end Will wanted some information and that is where the cliff hanger happened.
I just hope there is a second book as I would have really liked to have known what really happened to Luke. Was he behind any of this? Did he actually die? What was the information that Will was trying to get?
If you are looking for a good murder, mystery than this is the book for you.