Review: Heart on the Devil's Sleeve

Heart on the Devil's Sleeve (Tenebrous Chronicles/Miki Radicci Book 7) - M.E. Purfield

We are back with Miki in book seven this is one where we get some answers about why her father and mother took her money and left. Though it may not be for the reason that Miki knows. We see how she will get close to the truth but receive heartbreak in return. There seems to be no in between for her. Grayson, man what can we say about him. This character is a hoot with everything that comes out of his mouth. He seems to always be able too bring a smile to Miki and his friends. 

I had questions in the previous book about why Miki hasn't heard from her grandpa, and they were answered.  It seems that her grandpa isn't all what we thought him to be. He has secrets and tricks that Miki is going to be in awe about. I had questions in this book as well but I am hoping that in book 8 there will be answers answered. I really have grown to love Miki and the secondary characters in this story. They are all so well written and the plot goes at an amazing pace. 

If you haven't started this series I say go and start it now.