Review: Z-Minus 6

Z-Minus VI (Volume 6) - Perrin Briar

I received this book to give an honest review.


I am kind of sad to see this series end because well it was just getting so much better.

To understand this story you have to read books four and five to get it all to come full circle. 


We are in Antarctica, with a whole team of scientists one of them being Dr. Scott. He makes a discovery that can end mankind but what does he do with the information? What does he do with the specimen? 

Now through out the whole story I kept thinking how did the virus get out to the world. I mean Antarctica is pretty far away from civilization. Well there is a nice twist that comes into play and I was surprised to see it go there. 

We are given new characters the ones who have first hand knowledge of this virus. 

All the questions you may have had in the other books will come to be answered in this book which is great. You never want to finish a series left with unanswered questions. 

I think the author did a great job with the mystery and suspense building up to the final installment.