Review: Z-Minus 5

Z-Minus V (Volume 5) - Perrin Briar
I received this book to give an honest review.
So this book was just as good as the book before it. Now we know the virus is out but can we get a cure in time to save thousands of people. In book 5 we are given new characters and we see how Archie a computer can possibly come up with a cure if given time. Everything is literally a race against time, which is something that is not enough of. 
So this book is more about the research facility and how a group is determined to get the cure made no matter what comes their way.  We learn a bit about how Archie the computer system works and could be very useful for everyone in the future.
There is plenty of action and I really liked how we have soldiers that even though they are not 100 percent they are still willing to give their all to save not only themselves but the scientists as well.
There was a part that I almost started hating Susan because of the choice she was going to make but yet once again I was surprised that she changed her mind. 
I do hope we learn how this virus came about maybe in book 6 if we are lucky!
If you like action and zombies I say get this book.