NetGalley Review: Justice Ascending

Justice Ascending (The Scorpius Syndrome) - Rebecca Zanetti

I received this book via Netgalley to give an honest review.


I have fallen in love with this series. So when I saw this book was available to request I knew I had to see if I would get accept. 

OMG we are now in the p.o.v of Tace our handsome Texan with his Texas and Sami the bad-a-- female solider. 

We see how Tace fights the darkness within him and you have to wonder will he even make it?

He has always liked Sami so I was excited to see if that was going to ever head somewhere. 

Even though I like Sami and Tace as a couple their approach of lusting for each other didn't sit too well with me. The fact they would fight each other and then have hot sex had me shaking my head a bit. Hence the only reason I gave this book a four and not a five. Though I could understand the author's thought process behind it. 

We also get to finally see who Sami truly is. Her past will come into play and it will play a big part in finding the bunker that Vanguard is looking for. 

As we read in the previous book we know that Vanguard was fighting the president who has scorpius as well, so we shouldn't be too surprised if he plays a role in this one as well right?


Vanguard will team up with their enemy when they get word where the bunker is but who will survive, what will be found, will they get answer, and will our poor Jax finally find his brother who he has been searching for?


So much intensity, action, love and lust is happening within these pages. This is one series that I highly recommend but you need to read from the beginning.