NetGalley Review: The Bone Witch

The Bone Witch - Rin Chupeco


I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

First off let me say the cover is AWESOME looking. Love the purple and it just overall stands out.

So I am not too big on fantasy books just because sometimes the worlds that are created either do not appeal too me or they just seem way too far fetch for my liking. When I saw this author's name I wanted to give her a chance on this book because I have read her other work and loved the books she wrote.


The author has an amazing way with describing things in this story from the huas that the asha's wear. You can just see the bright colors and design that is within the descriptions. Another neat thing was the Runes that are drawn in the air. I could literally see them being written and the detail that they were given. Another neat thing was the heart glasses that play a huge part in this world that has been created. 

We follow Tea as she has become a bone witch something that is feared among the many villages and villagers. Though it seems that Tea is able to learn at a fast pace which is really neat, we see how she grows over a small time period and how she thinks of others even when putting herself in danger.

Now there is not much fighting and I think that is because Tea is having to learn about the Dark that she has because of who she is. So I am hoping that maybe in the next book we see what Tea can really do. I really liked the twist that came when figuring out who the Faceless is and we get that towards the end of the story, I can honestly say I was not expecting that.


As far as characters go I liked all of them they were special and unique in their own way and really stood out. Though I would have liked to see what had become of Likh who we learn isn't like a lot of other males especially the Deathseekers.

I have to say my favorite character is Polaire her quick and witty responses were awesome.


I can't wait to read the next book when this author has it coming out.