NetGalley Review: Her Last Tomorrow

Her Last Tomorrow - Adam Croft

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

We go back and forth between Nick and Tasha as the different p.o.v.'s It seems that we learn that Nick and Tasha do not have a good marriage and it shows through out the story.

When Nick is expected to take their daughter Ellie to school and she becomes missing it seems that Nick becomes the main suspect. He doesn't seem to handle being under stress to well and it really starts to show. When he gets the message to kill his wife so he can have his daughter again the question will remain will he even do it? Can he do it?

I did like going back and forth between the two main characters I got to see what each one was feeling or doing at a certain time.


I am not sure about the characters honestly because well Tasha seems very self centered and doesn't really care that her daughter gets up at the crack of dawn, just so she can see her for a few minutes. I am sorry but that is just crazy. It is mentioned to us that her parents were going to come down but yet were told not to because Ellie might be found. What grandparents do not come down I am certain that if one of my children was missing my mom would have been down here in a heart beat.

Nick I want to know what kind of person knows someone who knows a hit man? I mean that is just out there, I am sure it happens but Nick doesn't seem like that shady of a character. Now the dark web that is a good thing to write about as a person who reads a lot of crime books and what not I haven't read a lot of stories that have the dark web mentioned. I could see maybe the author elaborating on this a bit more.


When it came about who the kidnapper was it was someone I was not expecting this person it was well hidden. I could understand the reasoning behind this person not being mentioned in the beginning, but yet I felt that the way it all went down was too fast.

Also why in the heck would Nick wait to go home to call the police?

Overall it was a good story I felt it could use some more character building and backgrounds but I would read another book by this author.