#PBwkendread: In Case You Missed It




So I was looking around at the book fair at my children's school and saw this book. I grabbed it, read the back and then put down. Went onto something else but then put that book down as well, then came back to this one. What pulled me to want to own this book and read it was at the top it says "Everyone has secrets-until they go viral." That made me think this has to be a good book, because how many of us have secrets that we want no one to know? What happens to this girl when her secrets go viral and how damaging will it be? So this is my weekend read!!




Everyone has secrets—until they go viral. Sammy Wallach has epic plans for the end of junior year: Sneak out to the city to see her favorite band. Get crush-worthy Jamie Moss to ask her to prom. Rock all exams (APs and driver’s). With a few white lies, some killer flirting, and tons of practice, Sammy’s got things covered. That is, until the international bank her dad works for is attacked by hacktivists who manage to steal everything in the Wallach family’s private cloud, including Sammy’s entire digital life. Literally the whole world has access to her emails, texts, photos, and, worst of all, journal. Life. Is. Over. Now Sammy’s best friends are furious about things she wrote, Jamie thinks she’s desperate, and she can barely show her face at school. Plus, her parents know all the rules she broke. But Sammy’s not the only one with secrets—her family has a few of its own that could change everything. And while the truth might set you free, no one said it was going to be painless. Or in Sammy’s case, private.