#PBwkendread Review: In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It - Sarah Darer Littman

So I saw this book at my children's book fair. I grabbed it, read the back, put it down. Grabbed another book, put it down, then re-grabbed this book. What pulled me to it was the saying on the front. Everyone has secrets-until they go viral. How true is that. We all have things we have written online or sent as a text and it isn't meant for other eyes to see. So when Sammy's world is turned upside because of hackers she learns a valuable lesson, something that we all should think about. 

Now for me I figured there would have been more depth to what was posted, it was mostly Sammy's journal, text messages between her mom and dad, and her dad's emails. It seems that Sammy isn't the only one with secrets. Her family has to answer to the secrets that brought up. Too me it seemed that because of these hackers they did the damage they wanted too do, but it brought the family closer as we get towards the end. 

Sammy learns that her dad seems different when he is at work verses at home and it makes her question him. On top of trying to handle the backfire of her social life going down the drain because of what was posted the family has to come together when they learn via the hackers about a family member. 

Sammy to me was a developed character and too me acted like some teenagers do. I was glad to see a book that shows a teenager trying to do really good in school so she can have a bright future. 


To me this book is great for the teens and ya to read as it is a clean read.


My favorite quote Sammy is reading a book called The Light Between Oceans and she pulls this quote out of it. " We live with the decisions we make, Bill. That's what bravery is. Standing by the consequences of your mistakes."