Blood Street by Carl Alves

I received this book to give an honest review.


So this book has been on my list to read for a while. I started it then ended up putting it down because it was not holding my attention. Then I finally decided to man up and give it another try and see if it will hold my attention again. 

Well I was right, I ended up enjoying the story a bit more than when I first started it. 

The story was decent. You have vampires, FBI and the mafia coming together but not in a good way. The mafia likes to serve their own justice when one of them or their family is affected by something, so when one of Enzo's man gets attacked he will stop at nothing to find the person behind it. When a witness informs Enzo it was the work of a vampire that surely can't be right, because well vampires do not exist. 

We see how two groups will come together to stop the killings, many lives will be lost and some will actually take on the side of the vampires. 

We do get a bit of back history on how one of the main vampires was turned and I really like that.  I think when certain paranormal creatures are written in a book they have to have some back story to them. 

If you like killings, vampires, action and crime then give this book a try.