Legends Untold (Timewaves #3)

Legends Untold: Timewaves #3 - Sophie  Davis

I received this book to give an honest review.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I do not enjoy time travel books to me they are just boring. Yet these pair of writers have drawn me into the time travel world. I feel as though I learn a bit of history when I read their books and yet it is fun though mysterious. I can honestly say I do not ever remember learning about Lady Jane Grey before and as soon I got done with this book I started looking into who she was and if the author had it right that she was only to be Queen for nine days.
Stassi and her group of friends who are also runners will find themselves England to retrieve an artifact yet it seems that there are others who have different plans. Will history be changed? Or will those that are involved with this crazy scheme be stopped? Also while there Stassi will find a few clues that have to do with the necklace she wears around her neck, what will she uncover that will hopefully give her the answers that she seeks. I am also intrigued as to what Nicolas Flamel's secret is that Charles can not tell Stassi. I can not wait to read the next book which won't be out until next year.
Characters are simply amazing and well developed, I love how well everyone gets along and takes care of each other when they are put in tough situations. They never leave anyone behind and they all work as a team. Great series to start if you haven't already.
F.Y.I. there is a cliffhanger, I almost threw my kindle because of it lol.