Interesting plot

Auditory Viewpoint - Lillian R. Melendez

I received this book as part of a blog tour to give an honest review.


I read the blurb and I figured this would be a good book. Umm it was just okay. It wasn't really what I was expecting I guess you would say. I expected more action dealing with the people who are hackers. 

I did enjoy how Gloria showed us how to use our other senses instead of our eyesight. 

Now on to the story, it seemed like a good story plot. You have Gloria who works for a radio show and on the day she has an IT expert her sister ends up getting her identity stolen. Now in this day and age that is a real thing so this was something I was like oh my how can she get it back, what will she do?

Then comes a dead body which kind of threw me off because for someone to steal someone's identity then a dead body pops up that just seemed a bit out there.

But there was a reason for this and it all comes together as the story progress and we find out the real intention of the hackers but more importantly hacker. 

We watch as Gloria, her sister Anna and Benjamin track down the hackers hopefully before they can do more damage than they have already done but they do it with other senses rather than just eyesight. 


I did enjoy the twist that came along with this book. It was one that I didn't not see coming and I enjoyed it. 


What made me rate this book the way I did was because the story didn't seem real to me. I know it is a story and all but the way some of the scenes were acted on just didn't get that real vibe to it you know. For example the girls go to the mall to practice using the other senses and magically someone is there stealing a wallet. 

The author's writing style seemed different to me than I am used to so it did take some getting use to especially while trying to figure who who was saying what at certain times.