Cute story

When Edgar Met Cecil - Kevin Luthardt

K and I both liked this book. The story was cool and the pictures were great. We normally don't read alien type books and I am not sure why I think because we have never really seen a lot of them in our libraries but of course we are not searching for them. 

When Edgar Met Cecil we have Edgar who is a robot and moving to a new place. We all know how that feels when we have to move and leave our friends and house behind. Edgar's new school is different than his old one and there is one kid who keeps staring at him which makes Edgar a bit uncomfortable because he doesn't know what this kid wants. As the story progresses we watch as at the end Edgar and the new kid introduce themselves and we learn his name is Cecil. He just wants to be friends. 

I liked the lesson in the story that it is hard to move and make new friends but eventually you can. This is a good book to read to all but if you have moved to a new place this would be a good book to read and know everything will work out.