Short Part of a serial

Haunted Things (Haunted Series) - Abigail Boyd

The description of this book had me wanting to get my hands on it. Haunted house where a murdered occurred that just screams of wanting to be read. So I dived into the book pretty quickly and it was hard to put down. You have this teenager named Ash who has lost her mother a year ago and she has felt guilty of it ever since. She moved to a new town and into an old house that is named the Moss house. It is where the Moss family lived and died many many years ago. Now Ash didn't know this until she went to school and heard about it from her classmates, which enticed Ash to look up the information. What has been told is that Seth Moss killed his family and disappeared no one knows where he has gone. Then she meets Aaron who hangs around her house, shows up out of no where and disappears just as well. Aaron is a mysterious character and it makes the reader wonder who is he exactly?

Now when Ash is in the cross hairs of the school bullies another kid who has been on their radar before named Oliver introduces himself and he lets Ask know he is a fan of mass murderers. How crazy and creepy is that? He is very infatuated with Ash's new house and where the murders occurred and when the twist happens with Oliver it is like what! There are also answers that I am hoping come out in the next part of the story because I felt some things were left hanging and I don't mean the ending. 

The characters are okay I didn't truly connect with any of them but Aaron being as he is this mysterious thing of a person and his story is one I am wanting more answers to. I don't want to give anything away on this as it will give away one part of the story line. The plot was pretty cool and had me wanting to keep reading to find out what is going on in the Moss house. 

I think the author could have done without the f word a couple of times and I know this isn't a big deal but for it to go so far without it and then all of a sudden be used it was kind of one of those that I think another word could have been used instead. 

If you are looking for a short story that you can read in one setting, deals with ghosts, has a mystery surrounding those involved then I say get this book.