Review of Wrong Place Wrong Time

Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Tilia Klebenov Jacobs

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

The title is what really pulled me in to requesting this book. Then I read the synopsis and thought man this should be really good. I have to say that it was really decent if that is a way to describe it. 

You have Tsara the main character who hasn't seen her uncle Cass in almost twenty five years and that is because of the fight that her father and him had. When she gets invited to come to a fundraiser at his home she doesn't want to go at first in honor of her father but decides to go anywhere with the push of her husband David. When Tsara of course gets there that is when she does become the person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Though she doesn't go without a fight which I thought was amazing. I mean she didn't just say okay I will never try to get away from these kidnappers she kept trying to find ways to stay alive but get away as well. The person who kidnaps her is Mike his son was taken by her uncle and he plans on keeping her until Cass releases his son. We see a side of Mike that has us readers sympathize with him and understand why he did what he did to Tsara. 

We go between what is happening in the woods between Mike and Tsara and what is going on with the FBI trying to find her. The plot is not super fast but not super slow, it is kind of right in the middle to where it did hold my attention. The ending is how I was expecting it to go. I wasn't looking for an exact H.E.A. but I wanted something to where Mike isn't turned into the monster and Tsara can come to terms with what happened and why.

We also see how Tsara deals with the after effects of being a victim of kidnapping. It isn't all happy ending for her as she has a lot of problems she has to get through, and thank goodness for her children and lovely husband to get her through it all. I think the relationship between Tsara and her husband was one that was very romantic and sweet. 


What I had some issues with within this story was the fact that the FBI was called right away. As we read on I could understand in a why the local police wasn't involved but if I was calling the police I wouldn't have thought about the FBI right off the bat.

Second, what exactly does Cass do with the children once he has them if the parents do not pay? Does he sell them? Does he eventually return them no questions asked? This was never made clear to me.

Just a heads up though this story doesn't truly focus too much on the children being held prisoner this is more of Tsara story and what she went through while Mike tries to get his son back.