ARC Copy. Very good mystery

The Bones of You - Debbie Howells

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


This was a very good mystery book. I mean you have this young lady named Rosie who has been murdered, no one knows who has done it but we start getting a glimpse into how her life was and it wasn't pretty. Towards the end when we were getting information on the killer it finally clicked and I didn't even think that person would have done it. We go back and forth between the P.O.V. of Rosie the victim and of Kate who is the mother of Grace. Now Grace is friends with Rosie so that is how Kate comes into play. Kate tries to comfort Jo who is Rosie's mother but Jo is just going down hill and fast to the point it is like she forgets she has another daughter who needs her attention. As the story progresses and Kate starts getting notes to help her figure out who truly killed Rosie she ends up learning a lot and with the help of Delphine and the reporter we uncover the truth.


With The Bones of You you learn that not everything in a household is fine sometimes there are secrets that people hide so well it makes everything look okay. I enjoyed how the author used Rosie's death to reveal the past that is within the Anderson household. 

This was a good psychological thriller that kept me guessing on who-dun-it.