To Hell and Back (The World Among Us .5) by Beth Ann Masarik

To Hell and Back: The World Among Us Short Story Collection - Beth Ann Masarik
I received this book as part of a blog tour to give an honest review. 
When I saw the title of the book I really figured it was going to be a good one. I wasn't very impressed with this book the highest I would give this book is 3 star rating and that is pushing it for me. When I first started reading Moon Spirit I was really into the story I felt it had a lot packed into the story line that it was a good story on its own. Then we get to the other three short stories and I felt as though they were rushed and not a lot of depth to them. I mean you have Elise interviewing people for her newspaper article but it didn't feel as though it was a real interview it just felt blah. I really can not describe it. Now this is a world that has the supernatural in it but I wanted more descriptions into this said world. This being book .5 I assume that there are other books in this series that are longer? I can only hope as it seems that it has great potential but in a short story for me I like to have more depth to the story.