Review for blog tour on Aug. 26

The Toy Taker - Luke Delaney

I received this book to give an honest review.


The cover is what drew me into the book now this is book three and I didn't know that at the time of reading it which is okay. I think the book is good as a standalone even though some of D.I. Corrigan's past gets brought in from time to time, it just makes you wonder who exactly this character is. 

Corrigan ends up getting moved to the Scotland Yard after just solving a huge case, of course his team isn't too happy about the move because of the commute. Not even fully there a whole day then he gets a case that he has to solve. A little boy goes missing from his home there are no signs of force entry or foul play so where is he? Corrigan seems to have a talent for getting inside the heads of criminals which I think is awesome and must be hard to do. As time is dwindling down he is getting heat from above him to solve the case or he is out of there. Goodness don't they know it is hard to just find someone who is kidnapping children when they are living nothing behind? While searching for George the little boy who went missing another child, then another child all end up missing but what is the thing that connects them all? It is something I didn't even think of. I enjoyed how we never find out who the person is until the middle-end of the book. 

Corrigan is a strong character in this book and trying to see him balance home life (which doesn't seem to be going too good) and solving a case seems hard to do but he does it. I found the plot to be good and mysterious, the writing style done wonderfully and the characters great. I plan on reading more from this author.