Review: Don't Look Back

— feeling amazing
Don't Look Back - Jennifer L. Armentrout

The title is what called out to me in this book I saw the cover and hoped it would be good, but what got me was the synopsis inside the book with just a few sentences I was hooked and knew it would be a good.

I was far from disappointed. This is a great young adult and teenage book to read there is not graphic or sex scenes just what is insinuated. The book starts off strong and keeps up the suspense and guessing until the very end. Samantha is missing and when she is found she has no memory of who she is or what has happened to her or her friend Cassie. What we learn is Samantha is not a good person truly she is rude, mean, hateful and has a clique of girls who are just like her. Some people believe her to have killed Cassie, but Samantha doesn't remember doing that even though she is getting feelings and memories back slowly she wonders if she maybe did do it but she doesn't know it just yet. As it was no secret her and Cassie were explosive together. We see Samantha come to terms on the new her being as she gets a second chance almost, she apologizes to those she hurt before and she sees herself in a new light now. She learns that the person she once was, was someone horrible and she can't believe it. 

Samantha is determined to find out what happened to Cassie even if she is a suspect but what will it cost her? It seems someone has a secret to hide and they will stop at nothing to keep it that way. 

What happened at the cliff will Samantha ever find out?

The characters were either likable or despicable. You have the mean girls who you know you are not going to like then you have the mellow characters who are likable such as Carson, Scott and his girlfriend Julia. Samantha is the main character in this book and as you get to know her you end up liking her but can not believe she was one of the mean girls. 

I have to say I enjoy books like this that deal with the drama, murder or suspense happening within the story, along with the love that seems to always develop the guy who you know you are not suppose to be with but you just do it.