NetGalley Review: The Lost Girl

The Lost Girl: A Fear Street Novel - R.L. Stine

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review. 


I have always been a huge fan of R.L. Stine's so to be approved for this title I was extremely happy. I don't think I had read this one growing up so I knew I had to read it. This book is no different than the rest of his Fear Street books. There isn't really anything scary about them unless you are a young kid now I read the stories and I am like oh wow and this freaked me out when I was 10. In Lost Girl we go between the 1950's and the present time they both go together and it all makes sense towards the end though you may start understanding it a lot earlier. 

In Shadyside in the year 1950 Beth and her family were happy her father was starting up his own stables so it was a good time for the family until something tragic happens. Fast forward to the present here we meet Michael, Pepper and their friends. When a new girl named Lizzy comes to Shadyside High Michael seems to like her even though he is dating Pepper. Lizzy is the character that is very beautiful and you can see Pepper getting very upset with Michael over the way he acts with her. Lizzy shows up everywhere it seems and she is fascinated with Michael even though he doesn't see it. When a fatal accident happens weird things start happening to those that are friends with Michael and it seems that Michael is in the center of it all. 

Who is Lizzy and what does she want? What does the past have to do with the present?

The plot is good the characters act like teenagers (which they are.) Yes some of their actions don't seem right at times especially in the case of Michael but it works for this story line. 

If you haven't read Fear Street books I have to recommend them to you. They are just classic regular stories that will have you wanting to read more by this author. I did enjoy how in this book he did really good descriptions of things. 

One of my favorite descriptions is as followed this is only part of it. " Her skin began to peel. Patches of skin dropped off her forehead, her face, and I could see her cheekbones. She tried to scream but uttered only a hoarse croak. I uttered a horrified cry as her tongue fell out and hit the cave floor. A pale blog of meat, it wriggled for a few seconds, then went still."