Review: Beyond The Pale

Beyond the Pale - C. Michelle McCarty

This is one of those books that I could see myself reading again and not only falling in love with the characters but also with the story being told. Abbie has been on her own for years worked her way through nursing school and raised her child who has grown up to be an amazing young man. 

Abbie has to come back for her mother's funeral and deal with her family that has their nose so far up in the air I am surprised they can even breath properly. We get to see Abbie's snarky remarks made about her family which had me giggling and to see her son be grown up about it was great. The only thing that Abbie wants now that her mother has passed away is something that her father has left for her to open but her mother and family members have been hording it. 

Her family is really not normal folk those are the ones that really want to act high and mighty and turn their nose down but in all reality their boo-boo smells just like everyone else. I can see why she doesn't want much to do with them. Well besides her cousin Nora and her lovely rewording of words. I think the Dollar Store incident with Julianne and Nora was one to be memorable. All I could do was laugh so very hard and get a weird look from my husband.  

We see how Abbie's life that she has built for herself now will have something to do with how her life was before. It seems there is a huge secret being held in the container that her father put aside for her but what exactly is it?

Now the characters OMG. I didn't just have one favorite all the people that are in Abbie's life right now are the ones I enjoyed reading. They brought laughter, humor and a family setting which to me was awesome. Each are unique in their own way and makes you remember them a bit more.

When I got to the end where Abbie finds out the secret lets just say I was in tears that was just one of those wow moments that are rare.

Great story overall and I highly recommend this.