Review on Season One Episode One

Blood Memory: Season One, Episode One (Episode One) - Perrin Briar

So I am actually reading the box set of this season and figured it would be easier to keep up with each episode and leave a review on each one.
So with episode one we are introduced to the characters who are aboard the ship Haven. It seems that something has caused the world to go crazy and people are turned into zombies even though we don't know how that happened. As anyone who knows me and sees my reviews, knows that when I read zombie books I like to know how the virus started for me that is a piece of the backbone to the story. So in this episode we don't get that answer I can only hope that later on we get to find out because it will be very interesting to know. Anna and her fellow friends pick up a man floating in the ocean named Jordan it seems that Jordan is suffering from memory loss but he is a good asset to the team that is aboard the Haven.
We see action later on in the story and it just makes you wonder what happens if they were ever on land. The characters were all okay, I didn't really connect to any of them but I am hoping that maybe later on we get more backstory on who they are and how they ended up all together. I think the author has done a good job at building a world and a plot that will have you wanting to read more to find out what will happen next.