Review: Death Sentence

Death Sentence: Escape from Furnace 3 - Alexander Gordon Smith

So I was so glad I was able to get to my library to pick this book up. I have been dying to find out what has happened to Alex. If you read book two which I recommend you do before even reading book three heck I recommend you reading book one before you get to book three, you know that Alex was trying to escape from solitaire. 

Well now the Warden has decided that because he has not only tried to escape once but twice that he will use Alex for something else. He changes Alex and it is not for the good, he has turned him into a black suit. We get a lot of details and descriptions to what the different super humans look like and we get to see how Alex handles it all. It seems the warden uses something called nectar which was invented by the main man Alfred Furnace to pretty much created an army of men that are hard to kill and can withstand pretty much anything. 

When we see the warden's plan backfiring when Alex remembers who he is and how he wants to escape a riot is issued and we are left wondering will Alex and the others become free or will they still be locked inside the furnace? 

We do get a lot of backstory as to why the Nectar was invented and it all has to do with WW2 and Nazis though there isn't a history lesson involved but you can see where the idea came from. We are introduced to more experiments within this book and the way they are described you can't help but wonder what the heck has been going on within this penitentiary and why has no one come to find out answers.  I will be reading book four soon so I can see what else will be happening. I think teens will really enjoy this book as there isn't any bad language, there is plenty of action but there is some killing.