NetGalley Review: Seize The Night

Seize the Night - Dana Cameron, Christopher Golden, Gary A. Braunbeck, Lynda Barry, Laird Barron, Scott B. Smith, Dan Chaon, Charlaine Harris, Tim Lebbon, David Wellington, Joe McKinney, John Langan, Robert Shearman, Lucy A. Snyder, Rio Youers, Seanan McGuire, Leigh Perry, Kelley Armstrong

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review. 

Seize the Night is a straight up vampire book. I think there is a bit of something within each story that someone is going to enjoy. So if you don't like one story don't give up just give another story a try.

I love anthologies and the way the authors all collaborated and brought their own ideas and stories to life in a way that made you want more was really cool. 

There are about 21 different short stories which in a way is a good thing but in a way for me it felt to be too much. I know most people would say that isn't a lot but to me it was. I am use to the anthologies being between 10-15, if you want more for your money though than this is a good book to get.

Now as far as gruesome wise it wasn't too gruesome but it wasn't not not gruesome. I will say that it may not be for the faint of heart, pretty much it is your normal vampires but it is all being told in a different way. 

  Some are soul suckers, some are just plain vampires, some are demons/vampires that have their parents fatten up on humans only to turn around and eat them. 

 The most gruesome/ descriptive story for me was The Separator this one which is told towards the end is pretty much about a man who cheats on his wife because she can't have children. He goes and does his thing but then there is a demon/vampire of some sort. Manananggal who is horrifying and she ends up killing the woman and this man. 

 Here is just a small part of how crazy gruesome it was written. 

" She chewed off his withered penis and swallowed it, grinning. She gobbled his testicles, then thrust her hands into the wound between his legs and tore upward, unzipping him to the sternum. His guts flopped out and steamed." Like say what! Just makes you think twice about what is out there haha. 


I could comment on each story being told but I am sure my review would be about 2 pages long and give a lot away. You have various authors and pretty much all of them were new to me except one that I was surprised to see in this anthology and that is Charlene Harris. The author of the Sookie Stackhouse books, her story was about a soul sucker and I was like OMG it is a story by Charlene Harris I totally fangirled on it. This story is a perfect book for a Halloween read, heck it is a perfect read for any time of the year. I did enjoy it but I wasn't too big on how long it was. If you enjoy vampires, soul suckers, blood, guts, descriptive scenes then I say get this book. Don't rush through take your time and enjoy each story!