#PaperbackFriday Review: Mockingjay

Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins

The last and final book in the Hunger Games. I didn't quite enjoy this book as the other two I am not sure if it was just because it seemed slower or if it was because I was not liking District 13 and their bossiness. 

You get to see the war happen between the people of 13 and the Capital and there is a no holds bar we see Katniss struggle with things going on within her, trying to determine if she will become the Mockingjay that they all want/need her to be to worrying about Peeta. It seems the capital is using Peeta to draw Katniss out and pretty much make her crazy because they know she cares for him. 

Katniss is a broken soul it seems that no matter which direction she chooses to go nothing will go her way and it really hurts her when people who fight beside her that she has came close to lose their life to protect hers. She literally is the Mockingjay they all need but who is telling her the truth on all matters and who can she truly trust? We see a strong character change with Peeta and you can't help but feel for him. My heart broke with how he was treated but I felt it was necessary the author has done a wonderful job with the way the characters act, feel, and who they have became, the setting of Panema is just as amazing. 

We have seen Katniss grow as a character but she seems to really shine in this book.

I did like the ending it wasn't a happily ever after ending it felt real and how it should have been. 

If you haven't read the hunger trilogy I highly suggest you do it.