#PaperbackFriday Review: Execution (Escape From Furnace #5)

Execution: Escape from Furnace 5 by Smith, Alexander Gordon (2013) Paperback - Alexander Gordon Smith

The last book in this awesome series. If you or your teen has not read the Escape From Furnace series I highly recommend it.

The author has done a great job with the whole series and when I started this book and the way it started off I was kind of wondering how will it really end? 

You know Alex's whole plan is to kill Alfred Furnace no matter the cost, but what exactly will it cost him? We see what actually happened to turn Alfred Furnace into the person or thing he is, and you can't help but in a way feel sorry for him. 

When the army picks up Alex and his friends they are suppose to help them all but will they be able to or is it just a ploy to get all the creatures of Furnace where they can keep an eye on them? I liked the way the ending came about in this book it wrapped everything up any questions that were had were answered, and now Alex can finally rest. After all he has been through and dealt with he is finally free......I will leave that there. There is plenty of action, fighting, surviving and trying to put an end to the hell that has been brought to the surface. You will be kept on the edge of your seat wondering where this is going to go.