Review: Arena Games Legend of Petrova

Arena Games: Legend of Petrova - Tabitha Short

I received this book to give an honest review.

This was a very different book than I normally read. I was impressed with it, but then at the same time I felt there could have been more with the story. At first you start off with Petrova, then you automatically veer off for about a chapter into the story of Miterousa, then go right back to Petrova and stay with her story for a long time. It kind of confused me at first because I was like what is this part doing in here. Though later on it all came together, like fate. I would have liked more background into the Arena Games, what were the rules?

Another thing that bothered me was the time era. I really did not know if this was set in the future or the past. I mean they rode horses, there are guards in the city, but yet there are ceiling fans?

Now there was a surprise that comes towards the end that I thought was pretty cool. Totally did not see that coming.


With the Arena Games you are thrown into the world of Petrova who is a warrior, and fights in these games, though they are not your average games. They deal with powers, orbs kind of like magic. Petrova gets hurt and now her whole life changes, she believes she has killed people with fire rain. But did she really? She then becomes a Master with the help of a young girl who has attached herself to Petrova. Klara, there is more to her than meets the eye, but she is willing to help Petrova and wants to become her aid. Becoming a master means that Petrova needs to find a student and train them. She finds someone and trains her, and you see a really big transformation with the student. Though the way Petrova treated her I felt kind of bad for Sylvia the student, but I understood why Petrova treated her that way. Along the journey Petrova gets more bad things handed to her, and she learns to use that in a way that will hopefully help her bring her name up in the Arena Games.


All in all, it was a decent read, I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a bit of fantasy. There was little romance but not much, not really a lot of action. I am going to have to give this book a 4-rating. As there could have been more to the story than just what was there. Maybe we will see a book two later on? Who knows.