Review: Alphabet Killer

Alphabet Killer: The True Story of the Double Initial Murders - Cheri Farnsworth

When I saw the title of this book I really wanted to read it. I like reading about murders and if they have been solved or not.

With this book I learned it was made into a movie and I am surprised I have not seen it yet, going to have to go and search for it.
This book is mostly facts of three cases that involve young girls. They have never been solved so we never get a clear answer as to who-dun-it. And I know that is how it is with most unsolved murders, but I felt this book needed something more than just a lot of telling us repetitive things, how since the cases are still opened there is not a lot that can be given out. 
I would have liked more of an insight from detectives on how they felt with not being able to solve this crime. 
Overall it was a decent read nothing special about it. Just three young girls murdered and how law enforcement tried to put the cases together but never had a person to put it on. 
The author did a good job with giving us an insight on the girls lives, what witnesses saw so hopefully someone reads this book and can say I remember that. Maybe someone will come forward you never know. This book would be good for people who like to read unsolved crimes. As for me this wasn't what I was really expecting.