Review: Sanctuary Bay

Sanctuary Bay - Melinda Metz, Laura J. Burns

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


Sarah is an orphan when she was little she heard and saw something horrific happen to her parents. She does really good in school, keeps to herself and doesn't have friends but didn't ever think she would get accepted into an elite school called Sanctuary Bay Academy. She never applied there but has gotten a full scholarship how exciting right. Sanctuary Bay Academy is located on an island that is away from everyone and everything, you can only access the island via a boat. The only thing that is different with this school is that you pretty much say good bye to the outside world until you graduate. Doesn't sound too bad right as you will have everything you really need there. As Sarah starts getting into the swing of everything and making friends things start showing up as being weird. Her friends are leaving in the middle of the night, their gps is showing them offline and the weird writing showing up on the walls of a cave. What does all this mean exactly? What is actually going on within the walls of this school. With the help of Ethan a fellow classmate they embark on finding out what is going on, but what will they uncover? Is it just a school or is it something more? 

The authors did an awesome job with the characters as far as getting them to be more than just characters. They each have their own personality, some of them have a past that has landed them here at the Academy which isn't all rainbows and sunshine. The world that was created is just amazing, I hope there will be a book two as where this one left off it wasn't a cliff hanger but it does make you wonder what could happen next. 

This is a perfect read for teens as I know they will enjoy everything that happens within these pages