Review: Blood Memory Season Two Episode One

Blood Memory: Season Two - A Zombie Apocalypse Series (Episode One) - Perrin Briar

I received this book to give an honest review.


So if you haven't read the first season in Blood Memory I highly suggest you do before you dive into this one. We are introduced to a new character within this book and he makes you wonder what exactly is his plans. Jordan, Anne and Jessie are still on the boat and only dock somewhere to get supplies if need be. While on their journey on the sea it seems that someone is hunting them but they don't know it fully yet you just get the feeling until the end. This is where Tim comes into play we go back and forth between what is going on with Tim and then back to Jordan and his family.


It seems the virus has taken over the world and no where is safe so what will happen to Jordan, Anna and Jessie now? I guess I need to get to reading book two in this season to find out what will happen next.