Children's Reviews: I Want To Eat Your Books

I Want to Eat Your Books - Karin Lefranc, Parker Tyler

We received this book to give an honest review.
The title of the book really called out to me to ask this author so when she sent it I told K hey look at this awesome book.

We jumped right into and K and I both were laughing at how this zombie was hungry to eat books and not brains.
The illustrations are perfect for this book and really captures what is happening.
K really enjoyed the part where the zombie is looking at the book that has a brain in it. He wants the boy to read it to him which K found to be funny.
When the zombie finds the school library what will happen? Will he devour the books or will he calm down a bit? You have to read to find out.
I highly recommend this book to those that want a really funny and cute zombie story it is perfect not only for the month of October as that is Halloween but any time of the year. I see us reading this book more and more.