Review: In The End (In the After Book 2)

In the End - Demitria Lunetta

So this book was going to be my weekend read this coming up weekend but I wanted to read it as soon as I got it. 

In the End picks up right where book one In the After left off. Amy is on her own ever since she left New Hope where she was in the Ward. Her plan is to get to Fort Black to find Ken because Ken is the one person according to Kay who can help Amy get her sister Baby back. 

Though is Fort Black any better than New Hope? We get a look into Fort Black and it is not all rainbows and sunshine how people can live there is beyond me but I guess it is better than the Floraes getting you. In Fort Black the males rule and we get to see how they rule. 

When Amy gets word that Baby is not being taken care of because of Dr. Reynolds and his experiments she is in a race against time to save her before Baby dies. We learn more about how Dr. Reynolds played out the virus and what his intentions were but will Amy and her friends be able to bring him down from his high pedestal? Will the researchers be able to find a vaccine to cure everyone or is the human race lost? 

At times Amy kept doing the same things over which drove me crazy as she knew better. Examples come into play when she is at Fort Black she is someone new there and should play by their rules and watch her surroundings to get a feel of things. 


Overall this made for a great second book. I could feel the way the author described the way Fort Black was to the desperation of Amy finding Baby. 

The way that this book ended I felt satisfied but I could see a book three coming into play if the author chooses to write one.