Review: Other Lives

Other Lives - Alex Black

I received this book to give an honest review.
First off I would have totally given this book a five star rating if some of the scenes didn't seem to be outrageous.
The setting was awesome you have Charlie who was normal until he started changing and his mother noticed. He has a certain knowledge of things that he hasn't been told about. At times it seems he is possessed by someone. His mother Karen is very worried about him and convinces his father to get him seen by a psychologist. So when she is told about another person named Dr. Joyce Hudleston and meets with her she knows this lady can help her. Though what exactly is going on with Charlie and what does Alex her husband's son have to do with it all.
This Dr. suggest that Karen of course starts to do her own investigation as she believes someone or something is communicating through Charlie. This leads Karen to do crazy things that just don't seem to be believable. Climbing into a ceiling tile, to being locked in a basement it just seems far fetched. Though it is a story and that is meant to be not real it just didn't click with me. What she does uncover though is something far more than she ever suspected, and I really liked that way the ending came about. That is what kept this book at a solid three rating.
Now I was pretty weary of her husband though out the whole story because of the way he would act but I never imagined anything like this author put together.

There was one scene in the book that dealt with Karen being sick and caught in an elevator and I literally died with laughter at this whole scene. To the point that my husband at 5:30 in the morning looked at me going what is so funny.
If you like ghost stories, a mother who does her own P.I. work to find the answers needed for her child, to a nice twist that comes about then pick this book up.