#Pbwkendread: Salt and Stone (book 2)

Salt & Stone - Victoria Scott

What an excellent read. Though all I can truly say is there HAS to be a third book coming out soon. 

We leave off right where Fire and Flood ended. If you read book one then you know how about the Brimstone Bleed and the Cure. You also know that only one person can win the cure for someone they love. Well Tella is still in the race though the relationship between her and Guy is a weird one. It is like he wants to be with her but pushes her away but pulls her back, how she hasn't fully lost her mind with it is amazing. 

In Salt and Stone the reminding contenders which there are less than 100 now have to travel the sea and the mountains but it won't be easy. I have to say it seems this leg of the race that it is much harder than the previous. 

I think in this one we really see Tella grow especially as a leader and I really liked that. She stands up for what she believes and you can tell she doesn't truly have a mean bone in her body and cares for all, even those that are rude.

We meet a new character who seems a bit shady and when we find out who he is all I can say is WOW. Didn't think of that scenario coming into play. 

I really do love the Pandora's and the roles they play especially Madox who is Tella's Pandora. The way Tella interacts with all of the Pandora's just shows you the character she truly is. She cares for all and has a big heart which you wouldn't have thought that before. It seems being in the Brimstone Bleed is something that makes you grow up a bit more.

The way the ending came about I just have to believe there is a book three I mean it ended to where you are satisfied but you are left wondering what will happen next. 

Who will cross the finish line first? Who as a person and as a Pandora will die next? 

Want something amazing to read then pick this book and Fire and Flood up soon.