NetGalley review: The Mafia Hit Man's Daughter

The Mafia Hit Man's Daughter - Linda Scarpa, Linda Rosencrance, Marc Songini
I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review. 

For me I enjoy reading stories like this because you get an inside look at how being in the Mafia affects everyone just not the victims. This story is not only from the point of view of Linda his daughter but from other people who were affected by The Grim Reaper. With this story it just goes to show you that just because you have someone in the Mafia it isn't glamorous or anything there is death, heartache, broken families, revenge. I think the author did a great job with telling us the true accounts of what went on within the life of Linda the daughter and how she and those around her were affected. The only issues I had and I hope that because I got an early copy it is fixed by the time publication comes out is the spacing between periods and starting a new sentence. There were quite a few of these. Another issue is the changing of the point of views when Linda would say my mother or someone else will tell you that story. If you are not reading that carefully you wouldn't know that the p.o.v's have changed. I would maybe suggest before the change of p.o.v's maybe putting the name of the person who will be speaking next? Just my thought on the issue.  Now if you are going into this story thinking you are getting all the dirty gruesome details of how the Grim Reaper worked you are wrong. Linda didn't fully know everything her father was doing just what she was told or what she would see, but there are some scenes that have you going oh my.  After reading this book I actually went and looked up information on The Grim Reaper and I can't believe I didn't know anything about this going on.