Review: Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream - Carys  Jones

I received this book to give an honest review.

So as anyone who knows me I am not too big on sci-fi stories but with this one I figured I would give it a try. I found myself enjoying this story a whole lot more than I thought I would. I was very intrigued to what Maggie was dreaming about and what exactly was causing her to have these nightmares.

Maggie is a normal teenager with a home life that isn't all that great. Her siblings fight constantly, her mother is there but she isn't really there. To make it even worse her father left when Maggie was little and has never returned. His name is never to be mentioned in the household. So when she starts having nightmares of the world ending she believes that they are telling her something. She of course doesn't want to mention it to anyone because she knows they will believe her to be crazy but what happens when her nightmare comes true? Will she be able to save everyone around her or will it be too late? The way the ending came about it opens up so much more questions. 

I really liked how the author put the Stonehenge into the plot it was very unique and we all know they are mysterious anyway so what do they have to do with Maggie?

I think there were some scenes within the plot that could have been elaborated on, I felt the author did a good job with being it to light only to let it diminish and no other talk was brought up. For those scenes just read the book to find them. 

The characters were well written and I could connect with Maggie. Even with people not wanting to listen to her she still tried to save others. I felt for Maggie on more than one occasion especially when it came to her home life. Her best friend Dawn was a good character and Maggie's best friend though when she became whiny at times it became annoying. Andy he is someone who goes to school with both Maggie and Dawn and you can tell he wants to be in charge while they are on their journey. Though at times he came across as too much.

If you like sci-fi reads, good characters, a good plot then check this book out. I do hope there is a second one as where this one ended I wanted more.