NetGalley review: What Was Mine

What Was Mine: A Novel - Helen Klein Ross

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

Wow is about all I can truly say it blew me away how the main character Lucy could be okay with her actions. This story is every parent's worse nightmare come to life. When your child is stolen what do you do? How do you move on?
We get very many different points of views in this story and I was glad that it wasn't confusing. We get to know each part of the story of what happened, what they went through, their feelings and so forth through each person that was involved in both Lucy, Mia and Marilyn's life.
This is one of those stories that break your heart because not only do you feel for the kidnapper but you for sure feel for the mother that has had her child stolen from her.
With each character minus Natalie/Mia you go from liking some of their decisions to hating some of their decisions.
Lucy- I felt for you not being able to have kids but damn girl what you did was horrible. Though I have to say you turned out to be a good mother to someone else's baby.
Marilyn- It was amazing to see how she changed over time but for the better. Though it was sad to see how her marriage was affected it was good to see that she had something better coming her way. Marilyn I felt really grew as a character she was able to deal with her loss in a healthy way and not in a unhealthy way.
Natalie/Mia- When she found out the truth I have to say she handled it very well, and I liked how she had compassion towards Lucy even though she knows what she did was wrong.
The author in my opinion did a great job with details and how you wanted to be so mad and upset with Lucy that at times you were but in the back of your mind, you keep saying she just wants a child.
I know when folks read this review I know people are going to say she thinks it was okay for Lucy to kidnap. I am not saying that, I truly believe NO child should EVER be kidnapped.
I really recommend this book for all to read. It is heartbreaking and healing all wrapped up together.

The only reason I gave this book a four and not a solid five is because of the ending I wanted to know what exactly happened to Lucy