#PBwkendread review: Asylum

Asylum - Madeleine Roux

So once again my librarian has recommend a read.

I have to say this was a pretty darn good book even though at times I was questioning the way characters would act.

The background within this school for College Prep is awesome. Turning an asylum into a place of learning just screams ghosts will be haunting the halls or so you would think.

I really loved how everything was all intertwined with the main characters that was really neat. I really liked the background of the asylum and the mystery to it. 

When Dan starts school at New Hampshire College Prep he isn't expecting to anything but doing the summer program. So when himself along with his new friends Abby and Jordan start nosing around there seems to be something more within the walls of this school, but what is it exactly? 

I really enjoyed the pictures that were within the story I found myself at times a bit creeped out when I wasn't expecting them. 

Now the way the characters would interact with each other at times didn't feel normal it is quite hard to explain fully. There was one issue I had where all three are upset with each other and then Abby makes the reply to Dan "I guess I can stop pretending to be mad at you." What I didn't understand is why she was pretending? It made no sense. 

They also did not act like normal teens it felt at times that they were younger but maybe that was the way the author wanted it. I am not sure. I do want to read book two in this series to see what else is going to go on. 

I didn't feel this book to be really scary in any sense maybe more mysterious but that was it.