Children's Review: Milana and the Escalator

Milana and the Escalator - Nieves Barreto, Lou Silluzio

We received this book to give an honest review.

Milana is a young girl who when she is around her family she likes to run off. Which we all know is not good. So one day her grandfather asks her if she would like to go shopping with him and he promises her a surprise if she doesn't run off. Sounds pretty good right? Well what do you expect she does a big no no and runs off. When she finds herself getting hurt she learns her lesson and that is something that sometimes has to happen for young ones to understand. 

K and I both enjoyed the story and the reason I gave this book a four is because K said well what was her surprise? Also why didn't she apologize to the people she knocked over when she was falling down? Which to me makes perfect sense. 

He did say he would tell other people to read the book and he liked the pictures as well.