ARC Review: Tribes of Decay

Tribes Of Decay: A Zombie Novel (The Decaying World Saga Book 1) - Michael W. Garza
I received this book to give an honest review.
First let me start off with the cover it is awesome looking it just looks like it is going to be good.
With Tribes of Decay the old world is no longer, now groups of people are spread though out the world living in tribes though we are not told how many. Trying to stay alive.  
So one day when Rowan and his friend are out and about they see that something seems up with the infected they are gathering? Say what? That isn't normal right? Well what Rowan sees is much more than that and it is up to him and Mia to help each other out along with others. It seems that there is a place that have a lot of survivors but is it worth going there? Where this story ended I am interested in what Mia, Rowan and the others are going to do. Will they get answers to how all of this started? What role will Mia take on? To me Mia was a character that I was very surprised at. When we first meet her she is a bit defiant with her father but we see how she grows into this strong person when thrown into the middle of trying to survive. 
The way the dead was described was awesome to me I love reading about zombies and the more gruesome they are the better. 
This author has a great way with telling a story and pulling you in.