NetGalley review: The Truth

The Truth - Jeffry W. Johnston

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review. 


Very interesting is how I can put this book. I literally finished it within one sitting it was that good. We start the book off with a bang and we go between what is happening now to what happened then and it is all the recollection from Chris. 

Chris is like a normal teenager his father passed away a few years back and he has taken up to taking care of his younger brother. So when Chris shoots someone's brother he doesn't realize that the kid that he shot well his older brother will be looking for answers. This is where we find Chris tied up to a chair, it seems Derek wants answers to actually happened and Chris better tell the truth.

I really enjoyed how we went back and forth with the chapters and we learn that Chris can not tell Derek the whole truth on what happened because well this is where the twist comes into play and that is towards the end. I have to say that was really cool how that all came about.

I do think that the teens will enjoy this book as there is just a bit of mystery going on, there isn't blood and guts, or graphic scenes. It is a good clean mystery of what really happened to Derek's brother.