Review: Sinking Stones in the Sky

Sinking Stones in the Sky (Miki Radicci Book 8/Lorelei Cox Book 2) - M.E. Purfield

I received this book to give an honest review.

So the characters in this book are in other books this I didn't know when I started reading it. Though I have to say it just made me want to go and read the other books with these main characters as they both seem to have some good back stories going on. Especially when Miki comes into play and we get talk of the Elite. Not sure who that is but it sounds mysterious.

Sinking Stones in the Sky is not for the younger audience there is talk of crime against Lorelei which if you read the synopsis you will know what it is. My heart broke for Lorelei especially when we get wind of what the pictures are of. We go back and forth between Lorelei and Miki which was pretty neat. Lorelei is living a normal life with the love of her life Rick so when she finds herself being put into jail for murder she knows she didn't commit it. Though the person she learns is dead is someone that is from her past, the past she has locked away and forgotten. With the help of Miki they both embark on a journey to uncover this ring of crime and find out who the true killer is.  I have to say at the 95% mark the twist that came about I was like what!!!! I really love books that throw that twist to you towards the end.

Now Miki is an interesting character. She has a bit of sassy to her but you don't seem to know much about her in this story. She  goes on from day to day bar hopping, drinking though she isn't of age just living life and keeping people away from her. Not sure why that it is exactly but she has a soft spot for helping out her friends.

I also enjoyed the psychic element that came into play with both characters it did make me wonder what is in other books.  This book is okay to read if you haven't read anything else with these characters in it you won't feel lost or anything. Though your curiosity will probably be peaking a bit.