#PBwkendread Review: Catacomb

Catacomb - Madeleine Roux

I have been wanting to finish reading this trilogy since I finish book two last weekend. I was hoping that Dan would get all the answers of his background in this book. 

Dan, Jordan, and Abby take a road trip to New Orleans (which by the way I love reading about that beautiful city), it is so mysterious that you know voodoo and magic just has to be there. As they start this trip we see that Abby has an eye for photography which is really neat and it was awesome that the author had some pictures within the book like she did in the others. There is one part that I kind of wondered about why was this person put in the book if nothing is going to come about. You will have to read to find that out.

So as the group is traveling about Dan is getting mysterious texts but who are they exactly from because the dead can't do anything right? Well it seems that there is more going on here than meets the eye. Dan will finally get the answers he has been searching for but is it worth it? 

Another weird thing that I didn't understand is the person following Dan and them why did this person start following them now and not back at Brookline in book two? That kind of threw me off a bit. 

They meet  new characters who seem a bit mysterious themselves and I am surprised that Dan is so willing to trust them. While as Abby and Jordan's sixth sense is tingling. Will these new characters have answers for Dan that needs or will they be a part of something more?

I have to say the whole masks with bird beaks was creepy and goes perfect with everything that is going on with this story. 

Not much more to add except you know this trio is going to find themselves solving a mystery and finding themselves in danger once again.