NetGalley review: Summit Lake

Summit Lake - Charlie Donlea

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


I actually stayed up super late to finish this book, once I was hooked I could not stop reading. I really liked how the author did the chapters, you would read what the reporter was uncovering to what happened 14 months ago to Becca, it was all between the present and the past. 

This all leading up to the day of her death. I liked the mystery building up to her death as I was thinking it was going to be this person but it took a total different turn. I also liked how the author did Summit Lake and the coffee shop where people would gather and gossip. It is just like a small town people have theories when something tragic happens.

Becca is a law student and seems to hide secrets pretty well. What secrets does she hold?

Kelsey the reporter takes on this story of finding the truth of what happened to Becca along with trying to deal with her own tragic event. What will she uncover?

One thing I didn't understand with the reporter Kelsey is that she didn't try to contact the parents. I understand they are big timers but wouldn't any reporter attempt to contact?

The characters to me were well developed and the plot was great, to me the story was fast paced and didn't slow down which I highly enjoyed. 

I liked this author's writing style and plan on reading more from him.