Children's Review: Don't Let the Cat out of the Bag

Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag (Leave It to Beamer) - Clay Boura

We received this book to give an honest review.


Never really put much thought into idioms so when the author asked us to review I was like sure. 

K is learning about idioms in class right now so I knew he would really enjoy this.

In Don't Let the Cat out of the bag we see how Beamer's imagination comes into play when his mom says to him "Don't Let the Cat out of the Bag."

At the end of the story we get how the idiom originated which was really neat information as I never thought about how it came to be. 

Now K said he liked the book but that the eyes of the family were really creepy and he wouldn't look at the page. This is coming from a 9 year old. K also said that from now on we will use this idiom when we are getting presents for people so we don't have to use the word secret. 


I think we both will enjoy this series of books minus the pictures of eyes from Beamer and his family. 


(ages 5 on up)