NetGalley Review: Mercury Striking

Mercury Striking - Rebecca Zanetti

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


The description pulled me into this one and I have to say it was really good. I think one thing that threw me off was the romance that hit automatically between Lynne and Jax. I wasn't expecting that so quickly. When the spanking scene came into play I was thinking oh lawd help me. Please don't let this book be one of those. Thankfully it wasn't. 

Lynn has been on the run from those that want her and not in a good way, Jax is a man who is trying to keep people alive. The two you would think would never be together minus their good looks but they are both hard-headed so it is bound to happen.


It seems that there has been a virus that has been unleashed on the world and those that have been affected are either carries or called Rippers now when I thought rippers I was thinking something horrible but it is not. Rippers are regular people who have turned into serial killers, you have those that are calculated rippers and some that don't care. It is the ones that plan everything out you gotta watch out for. It seems when you become a ripper you no longer have feelings, scary right? 

Lynn searches for Jax as she has heard about him she needs him to do a job for her and help her find a building so she can find research that may help her figure something out with this virus. With Lynn working in the CDC she has the knowledge that others do not. 


So what happens when Lynn asks for Jax's help? Especially to do one thing that most would say no to? Well you gotta get your hands on this book to find out. Also is there a cure for this virus or will there ever be one.


I thought Lynn was a good developed character and I liked how she was different, we see how she handles herself in certain situations and how she survived on her own while trying to find Jax. It was nice seeing her put Jax in his place from time to time even though he didn't like it. 


Jax whew! What can you say he is this great character who learns that he has to really get to know others and not just order them but find out more about them. Being an ex-special forces solider and an gang member has shown him the good and bad of life and we see how he pulls off that commandeering vibe he gives off. 

I really enjoyed the plot and the action that was within the book. There is plenty of it. Jax is fighting with Cruz a man who is from his past. Then there is fighting the man who has come for Lynn, at the end who will survive? 


Now I have heard that there is a prequel to this book and I plan on reading it, but I think you can read this book without reading the prequel first. The author did a good job explaining everything in my opinion. Though I expect the prequel is maybe a bit more in depth on how this virus came to be and how it was unleashed maybe? I am not sure I haven't checked out the synopsis to see yet.