#PBwkendread review: Dawn of Hope

Dawn of Hope - Peter S. Prichard

I received this book to give an honest review.


When I started this book I was really getting into and I found myself not putting it down but as I continue reading than I started slowing down. I am not sure why but it became not as interesting to me.  I think maybe because of so many situations that Dawn found herself in it was like really this is happening to her again?

Dawn moved into a new town where football is the big thing in that town. When she is confronted by the star of the football team this is what starts the roller coaster ride. There is more to this town than meets the eye it seems they don't mind how their football players act because the football team is the best. Dawn doesn't agree with this and brings their actions to the forefront of everything which in turn makes her a target. Now the way Dawn talked at times and handled situations she didn't come across as a teenager more like an older adult, which I guess is what the author wanted to go for. 

Some of the scenes were like wow and the way it was handled I felt was very grown up for Dawn. 

Now Dawn and her mother have a wonderful relationship and I was very impressed with how her mother was behind every decision Dawn decided to make. Though there was one scene that I didn't really understand why her mother acted that way. Just her anger towards Dawn for voicing her concern really bothered me. I did enjoy how Dawn built people up and voiced her opinions on things but did it in a way that made people look up to her and wanted change. When everything goes down Dawn sees who her true friends are and who are just there to make a name for themselves through her.

I plan on reading book two to see what else will Dawn be doing and how she will be changing towns and the maybe the world with her ideas and opinions.