#PBwkendread Review: Rachel's Folly

Rachel's Folly - Monica Bruno
I won this book and I finally was able to get to it via my jar that I have set up to get through my paperbacks.
Just reading the information on this book I was wondering what exactly is going to go on and how everything would be handled.  This book is told in three different point of views Rachel's, her brother's and Sara's.
A mistake that was made one time is eating Rachel up every day little by little not only that she has to give advice to her clients who come to her. So no matter what she tries to do to put it behind her she just can't. It is to the point that those close to her wonder if she is okay. Her story ends that leaves you wondering what exactly happens. In comes her brother Ben he is that loving brother and he can not put it behind him to not find out what happened exactly. Jack Elena's husband seems a bit shady but why what is he hiding? We see Ben embark on finding out the truth of everything while trying to grieve. When his story ended I was thinking OH NO what else is going to happen.
Sara she knows Rachel so when Ben comes to her she is torn on what to do. We see how Sara takes things in her own hand and gets the answers not only she seeks but Ben and Edward seek. Sara is dealing with a lot so to see her handle something like this was good. There were quite a few twists in this book and I enjoyed it. I like this author's writing style and hope she gets more books out there.
The way the story ended has me wondering could there be another book or maybe the author just wanted to leave it there and have us wonder what could happen.